Lopscoop App Refer and Earn Offer - Get Rs.60/- at Signup & Rs.10/- Per Refer

Lopscoop App Refer and Earn Offer - Get Rs.60/- at Signup & Rs.10/- Per Refer

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We are back with a bang offer i.e., Lopscoop App Refer and Earn Offer - Get Rs.60/- at Signup & Rs.10/- Per Refer


In this post you're going to know about an awesome Lopscoop App Refer and Earn Offer - Get Rs.60/- at Signup & Rs.10/- Per Refer

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Specifically, I'm going to Explain you Complete offer details in step-by-step manner. 

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Info about Lopscoop App - Lopscoop, "LOP" is namely "Love Of People", it is the funniest app of India. 

Lopscoop is a lol community to read, post, share and save a huge number of lol gifs, pictures, and funny videos. Get your daily fix of freshly updated contents, laughs, and even create your own free member's account to take advantage of added features.

Lopscoop wants every positive story of the world to be heard as much as it deserves because over here we believe - every story matters!

Read more and allow Lopscoop to give you the best experience of your life and entertain you.

NOTICE: Before opening Lopscoop, please make sure you can indulge yourself in the world of lol.
Download and enjoy More Fun! :)

Lopscoop App Refer and Earn Offer - Get Rs.60/- at Signup & Rs.10/- Per Refer

Follow the below steps to Get Rs.60/- at Signup & Rs.10/- Per Refer Through Lopscoop 

  • At first Download Lopscoop App From Below

  • Open app and Enter into Dashboard
  • Now At the Dashboard Tap on Three Horizontal lines at the top left corner

  • Tap on Click to Login Icon

  • Now You can SignUp with Facebook/ Google+/ Mobile Number

  • After successful SignUp Goto Home Page of Lopscoop App and Tap on Earn Icon at the Bottom Right corner
  • Now Tap on Newbie Task >> Fill in the invitation code >> Enter Below Referral code

  • Enough! You'll get Rs.60/- in your Lopscoop wallet

How to Earn money By Referring Friends

  • After successful completion of above steps Just go to Earn Tab >> Friends >> Share earnings

  • Receive 2 apprentices for the first time, each award is 500 Golds - The apprentice can effectively read 3 articles every day and he can get the corresponding rewards for the day
# 200 # first day Get 200 golds

# 100 # next day Get 100 golds

# 200 # third day Get 200 golds

Gathering Tips

Increased success rate by 200%

1.Invite family, friends, and colleagues to have the highest success rate, and the invitee can also receive a 10 rupee cash prize.

2.Share more than 3 Whatsapp/Message groups, Facebook timeline/Facebook group/Facebook page, increase the chance of success by 200% Can tell your friends: Registration can receive 10 rupees in cash, can be cashed out immediately.

3.SMS notification

4.Face-to-face invitation, using India's famous fast-pass product, direct face-to-face invitation, just enter their own invitation code can get the corresponding income.

5.Links to friends, friends open links to download and install, friends login to read, sharers will receive red envelopes

Special note: The new disciple needs to register on a new device (a mobile phone that has not previously logged into Lopscoop's account) + effectively read 3 articles before he can get a reward.

How to withdraw money from Lopscoop App

  • At the Home page Tap on Earn Icon >> Withdrawal >> Enter amount (Withdrawl amount must be Rs.150+)

Highlights of Lopscoop App :

- Share contents, invite friends, check in, do these to earn money every day.
- Read, share and save millions funny contents, and thousands new posts are updated daily.
- Post any funny contents freely and anonymously, get lots of Reads, Likes, Comments and Shares, and Followers.
- Create funny contents to prank your friends with fakebook.
- Explore favorite contents by topics and by authors.
- Share the contents via facebook, whatsapp.
- Read randomly selected contents.
- Search through the contents using keywords.
- More amazing features are updated in every 2 weeks.
- The most trending stories from the entertainment world will take you for an exciting drive.
- Go to the news section to stay updated with the most exclusive of the world news & viral articles.
- Take a tour and search what interesting is happening in the world of virality.
- Share the viral articles with just one tap on the social networks like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest & more.
- Get push notifications of the freshest stories that are trending on the Internet.
- Subscribe to your favorite storyteller and even the categories of your choice.
- Feed and bookmark the best of the stories that you’d like to read and enjoy later.
- Languages are no problem to us; we serve you articles in three languages- English, Hindi, and Spanish.
- Chat with any user of your choice instantly and make friends.
- We even let you see what’s trending in the Technology, Inspiration, Celebrities, Information, Hilarious, Creative and all the other categories.

We are doing our best to provide funniest contents and best experience, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us in the following ways, Thank you very much!


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