(Loot) Pocket Money App offer - Get free Rs.10 Paytm cash/ Refer

(Loot) Pocket Money App offer - Get free Rs.10 Paytm cash/ Refer

Hi, Friends we are here with a awesome Free Paytm cash giving app Pocket Money As the name indicates that It is really Boss to all the other Free Paytm cash giving apps. Cash Boss App giving Rs.10/Refer If you want get much amount of money Follow the below steps carefully.

(Loot) Pocket Money App offer - Get free Rs.10 Paytm cash/ Refer

Follow the below steps to Get free Rs.10 Paytm cash/ Refer

  • At first download Pocket Money App from here
  • Now Open the App, Enter your Mobile Number & Referral code (Referral code is given below. At have a referral code section

  • Click on VERIFY NUMBER

  • Now Pocket Money app Automatically verified your Mobile number by reading OTP

  • After OTP Verification completed Complete any one offer from Dashboard

  • Enough!! You and you'r friend get Rs.10/-

    Proof : 

    How to Refer and Earn money from Pocket Money:

    • At the Home of Pocket Money app Click on the Banner that shows Refer Friend and Earn Together

    • Now you can see your Referral code. Share it to your friends Both you and your friend will get Rs.10 Paytm cash.

    How to earn Rs.1/- to Rs.101/- Daily From Pocket Money App?

    • At the Home of Pocket Money app Click on the Banner that shows PLAY AND EARN

    • Now you will redirected to Tambola Game Dashboard Play the game by clicking on Play Game

    • Below we provided Complete rules of Tambola game

    How to play Tambola Rules

    Tambola Ticket

    As a rule, each player must buy one ticket to enter a game. A typical 90 count Tambola ticket consists of 3 rows and 9 columns which make 27 spaces. Each row has a total of 5 numbers printed on it. A column can have 1, 2 or the maximum 3 numbers printed on it. The first column in the ticket will have numbers from 1-9, the second column will have 10-19, third column with 20-29 and so on until the 9th column which will be numbered in between 80-90.


    The game begins with a ball draw. As the game progresses, the board is marked with each ball that is drawn. As it is a single player game, moderator will call 30 numbers in sequence & you can claim all reward within these numbers. The objective of the game is to mark all the numbers found in the ticket as called by the moderator. The player who first mark all the numbers in a winning pattern and calls a win is declared as the WINNER of that pattern after the moderator checks his ticket and verify it with numbers drawn.

    If your claimed winning pattern is wrong, it will be called CLAIM INVALID and you cannot continue the game with the same ticket.

    The game ends when 30 numbers are drawn, or when you claim full house, whichever comes first.

    Tambola Winning Patterns

    In order to win in Tambola or Bingo, you need to match winning combinations within called 30 numbers. Some of the popular winning combinations in a Tambola game are given below:

    Early Five : The ticket with first five number dabbed.
    Top Line: The ticket with all the numbers of the top row marked fastest.
    Middle Line: The ticket with all the numbers of the middle row marked fastest.
    Bottom Line: The ticket with the numbers of the bottom row marked fasted.
    Four Corners: The ticket with all four corners marked first i.e. 1st and last numbers of top and bottom rows.
    Full House: The ticket with all the 15 numbers marked first

    $$## One Best suggestion from our side is to play the Tambola Game Daily in between 6:00am to 7:00am to earn lovely Paytm cash

    How to earn money by seeing videos in Pocket Money App?

    • At the Home of Pocket Money app Click on the Banner that shows All offers there you will see some banners that shows Watch to Earn/ Easy Reward. just tap on banner see the video earn some Paytm cash.

    How to earn money by completing Daily Tasks in Pocket Money App?

    • At the Home of Pocket Money app just tap on Daily Tasks Icon. Just complete the Task shown in the Daily Tasks Page Claim Some Reward.

    How to Send money from Pocket money to Paytm?

    • Just tap on the value that will shows on the top right corner of the Pocket Money Home page. scroll down and tap on Transfer to Paytm Enter required details and send money to your Paytm account

    About Pocket Money Application : 

    Earn unlimited FREE Mobile Recharge money with cash by finishing straightforward tasks! Avail enticing offers & get free mobile recharges & unlimited note case benefit cash, the free recharge app! currently earn through your smartphone and pay all of your bills, avail cab rides, book moving-picture show tickets, shop etc. all for FREE! 

    How users earn up to ₹ 7000 daily
    • Explore apps from cash & get cashback for same
    • notice Featured offers, widespread offers & High Earning offers
    • Complete specific tasks on apps - open on specific day & consume knowledge 
    • notice alternative apps by alternative offer walls App zone & App Gallery 
    • fob Videos & get all trending videos joined place
    • Play Tambola Game & Earn
    • Refer & Earn ₹ a hundred and sixty daily
    • Get Free Mobile Recharges & unlimited Paytm Transfers
    • Get all deals & coupons all at one place

    The No. one Free Mobile Recharge App for locating a number of the most effective robot apps, Cash-back coupons & Ringtones. Over vi million users have availed free mobile recharge value crores victimisation the cash app. thus transfer the app and complete the offers currently and begin earning Free Recharge and Free note case money Instantly!

    How are you able to earn ₹ seven,000 value of mobile recharges and note case money each month?

    • Visit the app daily to avail new offers
    • Earn Daily Bonus on your first app register
    • Get cashback & discounts by availing offers
    • Earn by tantalizing friends 
    • Participate in our weekly contests to earn a lot of and WIN nice Prizes!
    • Fill in surveys or do fun tasks to earn a lot of rewards

    You can conjointly {save money|economize|save money} with exclusive discounts & cash back on e-commerce, food, diversion and loco mote visiting our coupons and near offers section! 

    Free note case money attained with the cash App may be used to:

    - Avail free cab rides with leading cab service suppliers 
    - Book moving-picture show tickets money
    - Free searching, on Wallet
    - Order food free from food based mostly apps
    - purchase music free from apps
    - Book Free train tickets
    - buy product across apps

    Conclusion : 

    This post is about (Loot) Pocket Money App offer - Get free Rs.10 Paytm cash/ Refer. Follow the above steps carefully. If you have any quires leave a comment below.

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